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As an IT manager, from my perspective this sort of website, being hosted on an off-site server, and offering easy to use features for staff, makes my job that much easier. The web management interface is convenient and usable even by non-technical staff, and I feel confident in the security and reliability of the province's web servers. It's a win-win situation.

Matthew A. Povah
Manager of I.T.
Municipality of the Town of Hantsport
Letter of recommendation (79 KB)

I also have to pass on one of the major benefits that we have experienced with going to the Joomla based system. In the past, all changes/updates to the site were the sole responsibility of the web designer. This was due to the high technical knowledge required to make even the simplest of changes. The Joomla system has made it easy for any authorized person to make changes to the site simply by typing in a "word processor" type entry box. This has not only taken a huge workload off of me, but has made the information on our website more relevant and up-to-date.

Scott Muise
Information Technologist
Municipality of Argyle
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