Municipal Website Venture

A new generation of Municipal Websites


As a not so technically inclined person in charge of updating our website, connecting with the Municipal Website Venture has been invaluable to providing our residents with beautifully designed, organized and current information. The Joomla system is very user-friendly and provides quick options to make edits, create new content and post new files and documents. Having the support of the Municipal Website Coordinator gives me the confidence that our website is easily accessed and current because any changes or updates that need to occur are taken care of quickly.

Danielle Chaplin
Administrative Services Coordinator
Village of Bible Hill


I also have to pass on one of the major benefits that we have experienced with going to the Joomla based system. In the past, all changes/updates to the site were the sole responsibility of the web designer. This was due to the high technical knowledge required to make even the simplest of changes. The Joomla system has made it easy for any authorized person to make changes to the site simply by typing in a "word processor" type entry box. This has not only taken a huge workload off of me, but has made the information on our website more relevant and up-to-date.

Scott Muise
Information Technologist
Municipality of Argyle
Letter of recommendation