Municipal Website Venture

A new generation of Municipal Websites

Website Methodology

Dedicated solely to producing websites for government organizations the municipal website coordinator follows several steps designed to create a plan that is logical, organized and focused on matters relevant to the interests of municipalities. Initially, the current website is thoroughly reviewed, analyzed and then evaluated. Based on available content and the way the branded image or visual identity is represented, a design in the form of a jpeg graphic and an organizational structure similar to a sitemap is proposed.

Once a final design and information architecture is approved website development can begin. Included in the information architecture is the approach to navigation, graphical user interface elements and website features to be implemented. At one or more stages of development, a review process can be put in place to see that milestones are being met. Part of this process can include usability testing. This activity can be very instructive for pointing out problems or identifying improvements to the way a website works. In addition, a website review provides an opportunity for testing and Q/A — quality assurance.