Municipal Website Venture

A new generation of Municipal Websites

Active Learning

We are creating an environment where adding and manipulating content on a website can be as routine as word processing, e-mailing, or managing an electronic calendar.

Raising the bar of municipal web sophistication will not happen in a passive buyer/seller scenario. Instead, the Venture's success depends on access to active learning situations with participation by engaged municipal partners. While the MWV partners pay to enter the partnership, they will also be asked to expend energy to gain practical knowledge of the new skills. Fortunately, anyone who grasps word processing and email is mere steps away from learning to add, subtract or edit content on a website.

Partners of the MWV are learning the same Content Management System — Joomla! This has created a growing community of Joomla users which means we also grow a body of invaluable, corporate knowledge. This phenomenon should naturally lead to productive interdependence, with our communities poised to exploit and share new web opportunities as they arise.